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Precision Medicine Can Revolutionise Healthcare

Precision Medicine Can Revolutionise Healthcare

Precision medicine has the potential to turn science fiction into reality as we look to transform lives, one person at a time. Our pioneering treatments account for variations in genes, environment and lifestyle, meaning they can be targeted to individual patients. Precision medicine in cancer care currently involves many different approaches including: individualized medicine, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and genomics.

Our targeted and immune-therapies have already improved the lives of many patients however, with an estimated global economic burden of $1.16 trillion in 2010,1 there is still so much more to do.

We are proud to be working with our partners to constantly push the boundaries of science in order to develop the next generation of personalized medicines and drive progress in cancer care.

#WeWontRest until we find a cure for each and every type of cancer

Watch the video below to find out more about precision medicine and its potential to transform lives.




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