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Make Blood Cancer Visible

Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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To support patients and their families, Janssen launched Make Blood Cancer Visible, a campaign asking people impacted by blood cancer (patients, caregivers, family members, healthcare professionals) to help make themselves and their blood cancer more visible either by sharing images or personal stories of their journey with blood cancer on the Make Blood Cancer Visible Facebook page

The Make Blood Cancer Visible Patient Perspectives Book gathers these stories into a beautiful collection of personal stories shared by individuals affected by blood cancer from across Europe. We hope the sharing of these stories and experiences will help other patients and their family members, carers or friends. You can download the book here.

Together with patients we have also produced a short film which highlights the unique journeys that every patient with cancer will face, the internal struggle that patients with blood cancers have. We hope that this film encourages more patients to share their stories and increases the visibility of blood cancers throughout Europe.

This Blood Cancer Awareness Month you can show your support by updating your Facebook profile picture with the ‘Make Blood Cancer Visible’ filter. Visit the Make Blood Cancer Visible Facebook page from the 1st of September for further information.


Let’s make a difference. Let’s Make Blood Cancer Visible!

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