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About Our Immunology Innovations


Redefining Treatment by Pioneering Pathway Science

At Janssen Immunology, our vision is to restore health for the millions of people living with immune disease. Our approach to achieving this aspirational vision is systematic and evidence driven. We start with deep insights into unmet medical needs. We then align distinct immune pathway insights against these unmet needs. Our goal is rebalancing the immune system to achieve long-term remission.

Today, a recent explosion in immunology insights has introduced incredible opportunity. New discoveries into immune system function are leading to profound learnings about drivers of disease. Insights indicate that common immune pathways are driving seemingly disparate diseases. Immune pathways science is clearly telling us to move beyond immunosuppression and toward mechanisms that restore immune balance or homeostasis.

Made possible by the work of our dedicated team of scientists and experts in their respective fields, our current portfolio and robust discovery, development, translational science and medicine and data science expertise have propelled Janssen Immunology to a leadership position poised for continued growth.  We will continue leading by developing transformational therapies to help millions of people live free from disease.

Guided by the Johnson & Johnson Credo, we put patient needs as our first priority, operating with a relentless dissatisfaction with the status quo.

What We Do

We have been a world leader in the development of transformational medicines for immune-mediated diseases, establishing one of the strongest portfolios and pipelines in the industry. In addition to establishing anti-TNF-alpha therapy, we demonstrated the essential roles for inhibiting interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-23 in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. We are committed to breaking new ground and expanding our research into challenging areas where high unmet medical needs remain. We have also expanded our portfolio beyond monoclonal antibodies to include novel, oral small molecules, and new biologic platforms, including the development of novel therapeutics that modify the Autoantibody pathway, which shows important potential in addressing multiple autoimmune disorders.

Our portfolio includes five internally developed, marketed products, representing over 30 indications, three of which are first-in-class. At any point, we have approximately 20 first-in-class Phase 2 or 3 programs underway. We have six novel first-in-class compounds in clinical development, including novel modalities.

We developed:

  • The first fully human monoclonal antibody that selectively blocks the p19 subunit of IL-23.
  • The first fully human monoclonal antibody targeting the p40 subunit of IL-12 and IL-23.
  • The first fully human monoclonal antibody targeting TNF.

Our diverse Janssen Immunology team combines long-tenured experts, who led the work that built our current portfolio, with recent hires, who bring a fresh perspective built by establishing themselves as thought leaders in industry or academia before deciding to join us.

We will not rest until we create more firsts that improve health for the patients suffering with immune diseases around the world. We’re focused on scientific breakthroughs for better patient outcomes. We share the belief that “patients are waiting” and there is no time to waste.

Download a copy of our brochure, Redefining Treatment by Pioneering Pathway Science, to learn more. (Brochure is in English only)



Air-liquid interface culture of colonic epithelial cells; Clara Moon, Janssen R&D