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Development Capabilities

Development: Bridging Current Knowledge to Develop New Therapeutic Options

“New discoveries into our immune system function are leading to profound learnings about drivers of disease. Technology has enabled us to better examine both the behavior of a single cell as well as information from thousands of cells. Further, advances in genetics have resulted in the identification of more disease-associated genes.”

David M. Lee, M.D., Ph.D.

Global Immunology Therapeutic Area Head at The Janssen
Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

We have a portfolio of large-molecule therapies, and we strive for progress through ingenuity each day. We continue to challenge ourselves by extending research into new areas and have expanded the pipeline beyond monoclonal antibodies to include novel, oral small molecules and new biologic platforms.

We have set our sights high to meet patient needs, enable earlier diagnoses and, ultimately, develop preventive medicines and cures through cutting-edge research and advanced technologies that target the right treatment for the right individual in every part of the world.

Translational research remains at the core of our research and development strategy to facilitate these future achievements. Given the heterogeneity of chronic autoimmune diseases, we are constantly informing our development efforts with learnings to accelerate future projects.

Integrating knowledge from research through translational medicine enables the targeting of new therapeutic opportunities and furthers our understanding of the inflammatory cascade. This creates a cycle of learnings that run from bench to bedside and back to bench, with a common goal—advancing science to improve the lives of patients.



Air-liquid interface culture of colonic epithelial cells; Clara Moon, Janssen R&D