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Our Commitment to Combating Infectious Diseases
Our Commitment to Combating Infectious Diseases

Welcome to the Janssen Infectious Diseases & Vaccines Virtual Newsroom

Janssen’s Commitment to Combating Infectious Diseases
A Message from Penny Heaton and James Merson

At Janssen, we have a strong legacy of daring to deliver medicines and vaccines to contribute to global efforts to fight infectious diseases, one of the greatest threats currently facing humankind. With infectious diseases disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable populations, we remain committed to building upon our strong foundation of scientific expertise, with solutions that are grounded in science, and rooted in humanity. We have an ambitious goal – to ensure a future where we can prevent the spread of infectious diseases and eliminate the burden they place on global health. We believe our vaccines and therapies will play a vital role in improving outcomes for those who are most in need, across a wide range of infectious diseases.

Learn more below about our pipeline, as well as how we dare to help raise awareness of the importance of combating infectious diseases with innovative medicines and vaccines.

Penny Heaton, M.D.
Global Therapeutic Area Head, Vaccines

James Merson, Ph.D.
Global Therapeutic Area Head, Infectious Diseases

Our Commitment to Combating Infectious Diseases


Janssen's Commitment to Protecting At-Risk Adults from the Severe Impacts of RSV


At-risk adults need protection against the potentially dangerous respiratory virus RSV, a major global public health issue afflicting 64 million adults and children every year.

All older adults and those with underlying conditions are often unaware of the potentially serious impact of the infection on their health and consequently their lifestyles.

At Janssen, we dare to leverage our two-plus decades of respiratory and RSV-specific knowledge to develop solutions to help protect at-risk adults from the serious harm caused by RSV.

Our Focus Areas