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Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

The structure of HIV
The structure of HIV

Despite progress made, HIV remains one of the largest global health threats of our time. We won't stop until we help to Make HIV History.

Science has transformed HIV from a serious, fatal illness to a manageable, chronic condition. Yet many living with HIV are still not virally suppressed. Many lack access to the treatment and resources needed for the best health outcomes. The stigma of HIV also plays a major factor in the continuation of this crisis, affecting diagnosis, care and the emotional well-being of those living with the disease. We believe education and empowerment helps those affected by HIV live their best lives.

Nearly 38 million people are currently living with HIV globally.1
Approximately 1.5 million people are newly infected with HIV each year.1

At Janssen, we are building on our 25-year commitment to make HIV history. We aim to change the course of this epidemic through our passionate pursuit of innovative treatment for the long-term suppression of HIV, to effective prevention.

Structure of HIV

The pursuit of a preventive HIV vaccine continues Janssen’s pioneering legacy in providing life-saving HIV medicines. Together with our global partners, we are studying a mosaic-based preventive vaccine regimen, designed to induce immune responses against viral strains responsible for the HIV pandemic. We have also brought nine medicines to people living with HIV, making treatment more effective and tolerable in simplified formulations.

Indeed, while controlling HIV is important, we also focus on improving the lives of people living with HIV. From single-tablet daily regimens to improving tolerability and addressing issues of drug resistance, we aim to improve quality of life by helping to make adherence easier and treatments more effective.

We are deeply committed to the millions of people living with or at-risk of acquiring HIV. We are optimistic about the future - we’ve helped to change the face of HIV in the past, and we are convinced we can change it again.

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