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Janssen Prevention Center Leadership

The Janssen Prevention Center management team brings together the complementary talents and experience of two scientific leaders.

Janssen Prevention Center

Janssen Prevention Center 


As Global Head of the Janssen Prevention Center, Frank de Wolf is responsible for driving research to develop new concepts for disease prevention that will extend the healthy life span. He was appointed to this position in March 2017.

Frank has been Head of Operations and Medical Affairs at the Janssen Prevention Center since its inception at the start of 2015, in which roles he has supported the research center’s operational and strategic development. He has also led the Prevention Markers platform of the Janssen Prevention Center, driving collaborative research to identify novel biomarkers of health and disease risk. The outcomes of this work will guide further research to keep people healthy and vital for life.

Frank joined Janssen at the end of 2012, after more than 25 years leading HIV/AIDS research. He entered this emerging field in 1984, initiating cohort studies that helped to elucidate the natural history of HIV/AIDS and leading the development of mathematical pathogenesis models to guide the initiation of therapy. Frank founded the Dutch HIV Monitoring Foundation in 2001 and was its Director for 11 years before joining Janssen, initially as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer of the Crucell Vaccine Institute.

Frank holds the academic position of Professor of Clinical Retrovirology in the Department of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, School of Public Health of Imperial College London, United Kingdom. He received M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a registered medical microbiologist.

Under Frank’s leadership, the Janssen Prevention Center will continue its efforts to explore new approaches to prevention, with a focus on preventing the non-communicable diseases that come with age.

Frank de Wolf, M.D., PH.D.


As Head of Technology at the Janssen Prevention Center, Anthony Williamson has broad responsibility for acquiring and developing innovative technologies for preventing non-communicable diseases. He brings to this role an impressive track record for scientific innovation and discovery, a keen eye for pioneer science and the ability to build world-class collaborations as well as in-house expertise.

Anthony was appointed to the Janssen Prevention Center management team when the center was launched at the start of 2015. He joined the Janssen Research & Development organization as Senior Director Innovation and Discovery at the Crucell Vaccine Institute (CVI) in 2011, setting up a new laboratory in La Jolla (San Diego, CA, United States) in that year. As leader of the laboratory until mid-2013, he drove the development and application of new technologies for antibody discovery and engineering, and initiated vaccine programs targeting both infectious and non-communicable diseases.

In June 2013, Anthony moved to London, United Kingdom, to establish a CVI foothold in microbiome research, an emerging field offering exciting opportunities for disease prevention, interception and treatment. The discovery capabilities established in London and La Jolla under Anthony’s leadership transitioned to the Janssen Prevention Center upon its launch, along with the complementary research expertise based in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Before joining CVI, Anthony co-founded and led two United States-based biotech companies: Calmune Corporation and Prion Solutions Inc. He worked in the Department of Immunology at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, from 1992 to 2007, the last four years as Associate Professor.

Anthony has a Ph.D. in molecular immunology and has won numerous academic awards for his work there, which advanced the use of monoclonal antibodies as powerful research tools to gain insight into prion diseases. 

Anthony Williamson, PH.D.