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Neuroscience Development Capabilities


"We are entering an era of precision medicine in neuroscience. We are uncovering more about the ways these disorders work and ultimately closing the translational gaps. Recent advances are guiding us in developing the next generation of therapeutics."

Michelle Kramer

Head Of Early Development

Developing Breakthrough, Outcome-Improving Solutions

Janssen’s Neuroscience Research & Development (R&D) team is focused on developing innovations for clinically diverse populations with high unmet needs, including rare diseases.

With numerous early-, mid-, and late-development programs currently underway, we are building a world-class pipeline driven by innovation that we hope will lead to transformative therapies for a various range of patients with neuropsychiatry, neurodegenerative and neurological disorders.  

Our global clinical research capabilities for end-to-end development of potential treatments give us the flexibility to grow strong relationships. We continue to build our presence in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and emerging markets by establishing Research & Development (R&D) activities and expanding our sales and marketing operations.

Our Neuroscience team is also pioneering holistic “predict and pre-empt” paradigms that involve early diagnostics, patient adherence tools, digital therapy for cognitive remediation, remote monitoring for relapse prediction, and patient management programs.



Nerve fibers
Nerve fibers