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Discovering Neuroscience Innovation


“Our goal is to drive the types of discoveries that will ultimately improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of neuropsychiatric, neurological, and neurodegenerative diseases for generations to come.”

Simon Lovestone

Global Head of Discovery and Translational Research

Uncovering Novel Therapeutic Discoveries

We have an integrated discovery strategy focused on identifying synergies among neuropsychiatric, neurological, and neurodegenerative diseases to maximize the potential clinical value of our compounds in development. Most recently, a neuroimmunology discovery group has been created to drive target and indication identification in neuropsychiatry, neurodegeneration, and autoantibody-driven diseases.

Our world-class biomarker team also is having a profound impact on precision patient identification, producing powerful diagnostic tools for screening, diagnosis, patient identification, staging, and monitoring disease progression and therapeutic effect in our research.

Using Groundbreaking Science and Expertise to Build a Promising Pipeline

We envision a future where we go beyond formal clinical diagnosis and identify subpopulations of patients who are likely to respond to our therapies through a combination of clinical, biomarker, and digital measures. We are also prioritizing data-driven therapeutic discovery, validation, and clinical translation strategies in our disease areas of focus.

We apply learnings across disease areas; for example, we are leveraging insights from our work in depression to explore whether we can address other nervous system disorders.

Through scientific advancements, a broad range of expertise, and strategic partnerships, we aim to fundamentally change how these disorders are treated and make a real difference, not just for patients, but also for society.




Nerve fibers
Nerve fibers