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Partnering in Neuroscience

Partner With Janssen in Neuroscience

We believe that partnerships are essential to drive change, innovation and transformation, and we are committed to ensuring the success of our collaborations.

Our global presence and cross-business portfolio provide us with the flexibility to build strong relationships and become the partner of choice for many collaborative opportunities in both established and emerging markets. In emerging markets, our vision is to enable the delivery of quality medicines, harness growth and expand businesses. We welcome opportunities to develop partnerships with companies in emerging markets that want to leverage their innovative products and technologies.

Each year, our operating companies enter into more than 150 collaborations with outside organizations. On average, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies license more than 50 products and platform technologies each year.

Our Approaches to Partnering

We have successfully established many partnerships and innovative deal structures, and we are continuously seeking new ways to collaborate in our core areas of interest, including:

  • Licensing and acquisition opportunities for therapeutics against novel targets
  • Academic partnerships where novel discoveries have revealed high potential targets for therapeutic or diagnostic development
  • Public-private partnerships and collaborations to advance therapeutics, clinical trials and biomarker programs
  • Opportunities to license out and reposition selected compounds in our neuroscience pipeline
  • Other innovative business structures such as venture investments, option deals and risk-sharing relationships

Download a copy of our brochure, Partnering with Janssen Neuroscience – Sharing a Vision to Lead the Neuroscience Revolution.

If you have a licensing candidate or program idea that you feel may be of interest to Janssen Research & Development, LLC, we invite you to submit this idea on the contact form located here. For early-stage partnerships please use our Idea Portal, located here.



Nerve fibers
Nerve fibers