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Cancer Interception as Smart Object

Driving Toward the Elimination of Cancer

At Janssen Oncology, we have a singular focus – the elimination of cancer.  We are inspired by today’s tremendous progress and emerging new ideas, and we are driven by the enormous global unmet medical need in cancer.

As champions of science, we are dedicated to enriching our deep understanding of the complex nature the disease. We are focused on specific types of cancers and on cutting-edge science, including cell therapy, with the goal of making cancer a preventable, manageable and curable condition.

Our unwavering commitment to patients diagnosed with cancer spans more than 30 years. That legacy is reflected in our track record of advancing innovative science through the drug discovery and development process, collaborating, and ultimately bringing transformative therapies to patients.

As part of Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s most innovative and respected healthcare companies, we bring together global resources, capabilities and research alliances to develop new treatments for hematologic malignancies, prostate cancer and solid tumors.

No one company can solve the challenges of cancer, and we seek to collaborate with the finest scientific minds from across academia and industry to bring solutions to people who previously had few or no options.

We honor the legacy of our company’s namesake, Dr. Paul Janssen, by working with a sense of urgency and dedication to help patients who are waiting and hoping for new treatments and cures.

Download a copy of our brochure, “Janssen Oncology: Driving Toward the Elimination of Cancer”, to learn more.





Human lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell