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Cancer Interception

Cancer Interception

“We want to understand what turns healthy cells into cancerous cells. This critical information will help us develop groundbreaking products to interrupt the process.”

Peter F. Lebowitz, M.D., Ph.D.

Global Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology

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Toward a New Paradigm in Oncology

One of the innovative ways that we approach the cancer challenge is via cancer interception. We are striving to achieve a more robust understanding of the mechanisms underlying the transition of normal cells to a pre-malignant state, with the goal of developing products capable of interrupting the carcinogenic process. Our aim is to diagnose and intercept cancer at its earliest stages, when pre-malignancies are less complex and less resistant to therapy, and patients are healthier and more likely to benefit.

Given the complexity of cancer and the fact that different cancers evolve in different ways and can take multiple forms, we don’t expect to find a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we are pursuing specific solutions for cancer types and subtypes targeted by our Disease Area Strongholds with a focus on those where the need – and the opportunity for impact – are greatest.




Human lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell