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Oncology Development Capabilities

Late Development: Delivering on Discovery’s Potential

“When we see something special in oncology research, we will go the ends of the earth to get it done.”

Craig Tendler, M.D.

Vice President, Late Development and Global Medical Affairs

Our world-class development capabilities are organized against Disease Area Strongholds – disease areas of intense focus where we are cultivating deep expertise and where all of our early- and late-stage research, development and commercialization capabilities are strategically aligned against common goals and objectives. (Learn more about Disease Area Strongholds.)

Fully Integrated End-to-End Development

Once we have determined a compound has the potential to provide real clinical benefit we are able to dedicate fully aligned resources to move the compound forward in development. We are capable of harnessing our in-depth understanding of the disease, the target’s biology and the real-life needs of clinicians and their patients to conduct the clinical trials needed to most appropriately and efficiently evaluate and validate the compound.

To get transformational solutions to cancer patients as quickly as possible, we are structured to operate with the singular intensity and champion spirit that characterizes the best of biotech, but we are large enough to marshal the resources to accelerate clinical trial recruitment timelines and global drug development.

In fact, our global clinical research capabilities extend from Canada and Europe to growth markets in Asia Pacific, Latin America, parts of Eastern Europe and Japan. Our leaders in global medical affairs are full members of our development teams where they contribute invaluable insights regarding their regional and local regulatory environments. In addition, we have resources in data management and other areas with staff that are not only steeped in the intricacies of clinical trial registration but are fully dedicated to Janssen Oncology, integrated with our development teams and in the goals and objectives for each project.

We possess state of the art technology and capabilities in generating small molecule compounds, as well as a solid track record in the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, including antibody drug conjugates, enhanced mediated effector functions and multifunctional approaches.



Human lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell