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Oncology Partnerships

Partner with Janssen Oncology

“We want to partner with the best and brightest, and in return, they can count on us being a partner through every step of the process.”

Joseph Erhardt, Ph.D.

Vice President, Oncology Scientific Partnership Strategy

At Janssen, we believe that true innovation comes from creating and continually expanding the global “think tank” of talented and passionate pioneers. Ideas spark more ideas and turn into invention, but only in an environment of open exchange where every idea has merit. We pursue new perspectives and innovative ideas wherever they are – inside or outside our company – to work with the best scientific minds in oncology today.

Instead of waiting for a breakthrough discovery to occur before forming a partnership, we invest where we see an area of expertise that will inherently uncover innovation. And we do so in a highly focused manner. There are more than 200 cancers and we understand that we can’t be experts in each one. As an organization, we’ve committed to focusing on select Disease Area Strongholds – disease areas where we have committed to developing deep expertise. (Learn more about our Disease Area Strongholds.) What this means is that when a groundbreaking idea emerges, we are poised to rapidly move forward.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our focus in oncology matches an entrepreneurial biotech spirit within a global pharmaceutical framework. As such, we can be counted on to be active collaborators and project champions, committed to giving projects the time and attention they need to be successful.

We aim to be the partner of choice, whether joining with academia, advancing promising compounds and working with talented researchers, or forming research and development and business alliances with companies that possess complementary strengths.

Our capabilities include state-of-the-art discovery, biomarkers, companion diagnostics and global development programs of biologics and small molecules, and strong commercialization entities that market our products in more than 175 countries.

Committed to Partnering

We engage in diverse and varied partnerships at all levels of the development process.

  • Our Pharmaceuticals Group Business Development represents a team of scientific, transaction and alliance management experts who coordinate and lead identification, evaluation and execution of agreements relating to compounds (early stage discovery programs through to marketed products) and technologies. Together, our External Innovation and Business Development teams drive our strategic focus across all external collaborations.
  • Our Business Development teams drive our strategic focus across all external collaborations including managing academic collaborations for long-term success.

View and download a copy of our brochure, Partnering in Oncology: Sharing a Vision to Help Prolong and Improve Patients’ Lives.

Our Talent Sets Us Apart

Our people ensure that each partnership and collaborative effort is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with dedication to cutting-edge technology and scientific leadership. As a team, we have the commitment and focus to bring innovation to life. As individuals, we are passionate about advancing solutions for cancer patients.

View Our Leadership Team

If you have a licensing candidate or program idea that you feel may be of interest to Janssen Research & Development, LLC, we invite you to submit this idea on the contact form located here.



Human lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell