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Oncology Partnerships

Partner with Us

Seeking Collaborations to Find Cures

We are dedicated to collaborating with partners across the globe who share our vision to make cancer a preventable and curable disease by providing transformational therapeutic and diagnostic products and resources.

Based on the belief that collaborations are essential to drive change and innovation, we seek strategic partnerships that bring new ideas and fresh approaches to understand, treat and intercept cancer.

Janssen Oncology is committed to ensuring the success of our collaborations. Our Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Business Development teams bring scientific, funding and commercialization expertise to engage at all levels of research and development and the product life cycle process.  

Our flexible structure enables us to be agile and work effectively with a variety of partners to create the best business model for each collaboration. We work globally and regionally to foster promising early-stage opportunities and establish collaborations in which each partner brings unique strengths and experiences to the table so that together we can achieve more than either could alone.  

The Resources and Expertise to Deliver New Advances in Cancer

We have state-of-the-art discovery and development capabilities and decades of experience commercializing transformational cancer medicines. Our world-class experts have access to the global expertise and resources of Johnson & Johnson. 

We have integrated and strategically end-to-end capabilities to manage the complexities of the global drug discovery and development process. These include the ability to work with partners to rapidly advance ideas, to take local market and regulatory realities into consideration and to help reduce the cycle time from laboratory to patient.  

We have teams intensely focused on specific cancers with fully dedicated groups for each compound. Complementing them are global centers of excellence in biomarkers, companion diagnostics, biologics and global marketing. These are further enhanced by local expertise in regulatory and medical affairs. 



Human lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell