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About Janssen Diagnostics

About Precision Medicine and Janssen Diagnostics
Data driven treatments

Advances in science and technology are opening new horizons in healthcare and hold the promise of truly precise, personalized medicine. Today’s healthcare systems demand improved medical outcomes at lower costs, and patients deserve them. In this context, Janssen created a dedicated diagnostics organization in 2012 to drive this transformation of care at every stage in life, from wellness to illness.

Janssen Diagnostics is a global team of multidisciplinary experts with a strong and diverse range of expertise across pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on research and development (R&D), business development, regulatory approval, reimbursement requirements, market access and commercialization of revolutionary diagnostic solutions.

Real world evidence

We develop diagnostic solutions that span the wellness and illness spectrum, from identifying those at risk for a disease, early screening and disease interception, diagnosis, intervention, prognosis, drug therapy, response and treatment monitoring and the co-development of point-of-care diagnostics.

Our diagnostics and health information experts may collaborate strategically with external partners, leading companies in their specific technological area, as we strongly believe that one company or organization alone will not forge the future of personalized medicine.

Our role within the life sciences spectrum is to put diagnostic technologies and solutions in the hands of healthcare providers to identify illness sooner, intervene earlier, cure people living with chronic diseases and potentially prevent diseases even before the onset of symptoms, as well as monitoring for disease management.

Disease interception

These tools can be companion diagnostics (diagnostic tests that are essential for safe and effective use of a therapeutic product) or complementary diagnostics (diagnostic tests that provide information about a therapeutic to aid clinicians in treatment of patients), but also include computational tools that provide state-of-the-art, real-world evidence to enable superior decision making in managing illness.

Janssen Diagnostics invests heavily in R&D and develops commercialization strategies and implementation models for precision medicine solutions in Janssen’s six therapeutic areas of focus:

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Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Donna Williams, Family
Donna Williams, Family