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Trade Association Memberships

Our Trade Association Memberships

At Janssen, we strive to discover and develop transformational medicines to help people around the world live longer, healthier and more productive lives. 

Sound and well-considered public policies are critical to ensure broader access to these medicines today, while sustaining a biomedical research ecosystem that is our best hope for defeating disease and transforming lives in the future.

We work extensively across the world with partners and stakeholders in health care, including other research-based pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, academic institutions, think tanks, policy experts and others to support the development of policies that reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of patients worldwide.

Both Janssen and Johnson & Johnson are members of trade associations that advocate for our industry and free enterprise, and we financially support several policy development organizations and think tanks whose purpose is to, among other civic activities, develop and advocate policy position papers or model legislation.

While we express our views to organizations with which we are a member or collaborate with, we may not always align with or support every public position each of these broad-based groups takes.

Below, view a number of our trade association memberships around the world.



Rhonda Fenwick, Time is Now I
Rhonda Fenwick, Time is Now I