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COMPANY: Janssen Products, LP

Products marketed by this company are listed below

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NameNDCsort descendingTypeCase SizeMin. Order QtyCase Weight
BALVERSA 3MG 56 TBL BOTTLE USA 5967603056Trade12120.68
BALVERSA 3MG 84 TBL BOTTLE USA 5967603084Trade12120.74
BALVERSA 4MG 28 TBL BOTTLE USA 5967604028Trade12120.65
BALVERSA 4MG 56 TBL BOTTLE USA 5967604056Trade12120.72
BALVERSA 5MG 28 TBL BOTTLE USA 5967605028Trade12120.66
EDURANT® 25MG TABLET 30s 12 COUNT 5967627801Trade1211.10
PREZISTA® 600MG Tblt, 60 Count 5967656201Trade12123.20
PREZISTA® 75MG 480 count 12s 5967656301Trade1213.70
PREZISTA® 150mg Tablets, Bottles of 240's 5967656401Trade1213.40
PREZISTA® 100 MG/ML ORAL SUSPENSION 5967656501Trade20117.50
PREZISTA® 800mg Tablets, 30 count, 12s 5967656630Trade12122.10
INTELENCE® 100mg Tablets 5967657001Trade1214.20
INTELENCE® 200mg Tablets 5967657101Trade1213.90
INTELENCE® 25mg Tablets 5967657201Trade1211.70
PREZCOBIX™ TABS 800/150MG, 30S, 24 COUNT 5967657530Trade24245.10
SIRTURO™ 100mg 188s 5967670101Trade1215.00
SIRTURO 20MG 60 TABL. USA 5967670260Trade3013.84
SYMTUZA 800 150 200 10mg 30CT BTL US TRD 5967680030Trade2415.80