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JOM is committed to providing superior customer service and on-time delivery. The following documents detail the policies that allow JOM to continue to achieve that commitment.


Invoice Policies

1. Payments must be received in the bank by the due date in order to earn the cash discount.

2. No Anticipation and Post Audit claims will not be honored. To qualify for adjustments, report all discrepancies on an invoice within 15 days.


Policy Resources

Returned Goods Policy.
Returned Goods Policy Product Listing.
Clinic Returned Goods Form.
Janssen Diagnostics Returned Goods Policy.
JOM Infused Oncology Return Goods Policy.
JJHCS Notice to End Customers Regarding Updates to 340B Delivery Limitations – Effective 3/7/23.



PROCRIT In-Date Returns

Special Notice for Returns of In-Date PROCRIT® (Epoetin alfa).

Under no circumstances should in-date PROCRIT® (Epoetin alfa) be accepted and returned to general inventory for redistribution.

As stated in our return goods policy, JOM will only accept returns of outdated products. Any authorizations for returns must be processed through JOM Pharmaceutical Customer Service at 1-800-631-5273.


Protecting the Supply Chain

What is JOM Doing?.
JOM Transaction Certification Process for Customer Compliance with the Florida Drug and Cosmetic Act.
Information on Prescription Drug Counterfeiting.
Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance FAQs.
Serialization Customer Letter and FAQs.