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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I place an order for a product distributed by JOM?

    Customer Support provides phone numbers, fax numbers, and a fax template to help you place your order

  2. Where can I view what JOM is doing in regards to pedigree and securing your supply chain as well as obtain any pertinent forms?

    Please see Protecting the Supply Chain Section found under Policies.

  3. Where can I view your organization's Returned Goods Policy as well as the breakdown of the percentage of reimbursement I would receive when returning outdated products?

    All returns information, including our policy and product reimbursement breakdown, can be found under Policies.

  4. Where can I view all the products that are distributed by JOM as well as a list of discontinued products?

    All of JOM's active and discontinued products can be found on the Products page.

  5. I am a pharmacist who recently received JOM product and I want to make sure that the product is from one of your authorized distributors. Where can I get the list of authorized distributors?

    A list of the organizations that are authorized to distribute JOM product as well as which products they specifically can distribute can be found on the Authorized Distributors page.

  6. I am a patient that takes one of your products and I have some questions or complaints regarding the product. Whom do I call?

    A list of phone numbers to report adverse events or obtain medical information can be found on the Customer Support page.

  7. What days will JOM be closed due to holidays?

    Please find a calendar outlining the days JOM will be closed on the Holiday Schedule page.

  8. After I receive a credit on my account, how do I request a check refund?

    To request a refund you must submit a refund request on your company letterhead which includes the following information:

    • Amount of Refund
    • Tax ID#
    • Contact Name
    • contact Email Address
    • Contact Telephone#
    • Mailing Address

    Submit your refund request to your A/R Representative via email or fax to 1-908-707-9758. Your refund will take approximately 6 weeks to process and may require you to login to ARAVO, the Johnson & Johnson Vendor payment system.

  9. How can I receive a copy of an invoice, credit memo or statement of account?

    To receive a copy of an invoice, credit memo or statement of account: either call or email your A/R Representative, call the toll free number 1-800-768-1059, or fax this request to 908-707-9758.

  10. What are my payment options? Payments may be made by Check, wire, EFT.
    Please include remittance information with the payments.
    To pay by check- remit to address on bottom of invoices.
    To set up payment by EFT or Wire, please call 1-800-768-1059.

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