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Shaping Healthcare Systems of Tomorrow at WIRED Health Italia

Shaping Healthcare Systems of Tomorrow at WIRED Health Italia

With ageing populations across Europe, the burden of chronic diseases is set to increase. Combined with the sharp rise in healthcare expenditure during the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of new innovative treatments, the pressure is on to find new and innovative solutions to help deliver sustainable healthcare systems.

Here are the top three areas that will make the biggest impact on the healthcare systems of tomorrow.

1) Individual experience of our patients

While its widely agreed that we need to be building ‘patient centric’ systems, we have historically relegated technology and data science to simple cogs in the machine. But when they can give a voice to patients, connect them with physicians, diagnose pain points, and provide more efficient and personalised patient journeys, they play a much more significant role in healthcare systems.

2) The health of general populations

This leads to the second area of focus, the health of general populations. Here, Maria suggested we need a shift in focus from sick-care to well-care, in other words, moving to preventing diseases rather than just treating the symptoms. This is where data science will accelerate our progress, allowing us to better understand the true value of any intervention, and empowering physicians to better predict what will deliver the best outcome for patients.

3) Cost of care

With both areas considered, we will start to make inroads into the final factor, the cost of care. Making healthcare more efficient will begin to reduce cost pressures, but Maria also highlighted how it will help us redefine what value truly means in our industry, helping invest in what will deliver the best outcomes for patients

During her session Maria also touched on the barriers to implementing these changes, data and privacy issues, alongside giving examples of how J&J and Janssen are looking to make a difference. Watch the full session below.