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  • covid vaccine

    Learn how a vaccine works and how it differs from our immune system

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  • micro IDV

    Will Ebola continue to re-emerge

    back to Janssen EMEA stories Allitia Di Bernardo, EMEA Therapeutic Area Lead, CNS, IDV, and PAH, at Janssen Since...

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  • HIV

    Can we end the AIDS epidemic?

    back to Janssen EMEA stories In 2014, UNAIDS announced its intention to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. 1 Now, 6 years...

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Janssen EMEA is committed to increasing transparency when it comes to the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs/HCOs. Through the disclosure of transfers of value, we aim to build a better understanding of these collaborations and more recognition of their value to patient care.


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