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Health Technology Assessment of innovation in Cancer

Health Technology Assessment of innovation in Cancer

Evolution of healthcare - HTAiC

We understand how devastating a cancer diagnosis is for patients and their loved ones. But there is hope: we are fully committed to fighting this complex disease through improving access to cutting-edge medicines and focusing on the development of promising treatments – to both improve quality of life and prolong the duration of remission.

The Health Technology Assessment of innovation in Cancer (HTAiC) initiative is a key part of our ambition to deliver value-based healthcare.

Through this initiative, we wish to raise awareness and understanding of the access barriers facing cancer medicines, and to propose alternative ways to evaluate and assess these medicines. We also want to engage in a debate with multidisciplinary stakeholders and decision makers, with the ultimate goal of establishing collaborative and sustainable approaches to achieve timely access for patients.

The challenge: enabling timely patient access to new cancer medicines

Major scientific and treatment advances have been accompanied by a paradigm shift in the way in which regulatory agencies in Europe and the USA have evolved their approval procedures. They have either adapted their evidence expectations and/or accelerated their approval of innovative cancer medicines.
However, national Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agency requirements regarding evidence and data certainty have been largely resistant to change, resulting in delays in access for patients in need of immediate intervention.

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“As we move into an exciting new era of innovation in cancer care, it may initially appear difficult to reconcile the tension between accelerating patient access to groundbreaking innovations and addressing payers’ concerns around affordability.

Yet all parties share a common goal and obligation: to improve the outcomes for patients suffering with cancer, in a timely manner. We know we must work together to find win-win solutions because time is life, and there is nothing more important than that.”

Martin Price

Vice President of Health Economics, Market Access and Reimbursement, Janssen Europe, Middle East and Africa