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Let’s Work Together

Human Microbiome Institute

Human Microbiome Institute 

Microbial artwork credit: Mehmet Berkmen, Ph.D. and Maria Peñil
Let’s Work Together

The Janssen Human Microbiome Institute combines deep knowledge of the microbiome with first-hand experience in delivering complex health solutions. This expertise, combined with our global connections across the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies and Johnson & Johnson, give our partners a unique advantage in determining where the strongest scientific and commercial opportunities exist, and insights into unmet clinical needs across a wide range of disease areas. Together, we will identify the best pathways—clinical, commercial and regulatory—to deliver microbiome-based health solutions to market.

Partner with Us

Our approach to partnerships is flexible. We work with innovators at all levels—from individual investigators and academic institutions, to startups, established companies, and entrepreneurs. Whether our partnership takes the form of a traditional licensing agreement or an innovative consortia structure, we are open to shaping models of collaboration that match the scientific and therapeutic opportunities. The constant across all of our partnerships is our shared vision, anchored in science, of realizing the true potential of microbiome health solutions.

Host a Challenge

We are hosting a series of challenges on the microbiome informatics platform Mosaic. The Mosaic Community Challenges aim to crowd-source solutions to problems faced by the microbiome field and help accelerate the translation of science into novel product development. Learn more and participate in a challenge on Mosaic, or if you are interested in co-hosting your own Challenge, email [email protected].

Get in Touch

We seek collaborators who match our passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm for the microbiome’s vast potential to impact health. Let’s talk – send introductions, pitch decks, and big ideas to [email protected].


Join Our Team


We are seeking curious, resourceful, and inventive teammates to help develop microbiome solutions that will improve world health. See openings and apply here.

Let’s Work Together


Translating microbiome science into transformative products will require multidisciplinary collaboration. Learn more about our approach to partnership here.

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Are you a researcher, clinician, or entrepreneur who is using the microbiome to change healthcare? Let’s talk.