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Our Vision

Our Vision

The microbiome refers to the massively complex community of microbial organisms that live in, on, and around us. While microbes were traditionally viewed solely as a source of disease, the scientific community is coming to understand that microbiota play a unique and crucial role in both sickness and health. Our vision is to harness microbiome science to deliver a spectrum of transformative health solutions that can be effectively applied throughout an individual’s life to not only treat, but prevent, intercept and cure disease.


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We are seeking curious, resourceful, and inventive teammates to help develop microbiome solutions that will improve world health. See openings and apply here.

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Translating microbiome science into transformative products will require multidisciplinary collaboration. Learn more about our approach to partnership here.

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Are you a researcher, clinician, or entrepreneur who is using the microbiome to change healthcare? Let’s talk.

Human Microbiome Institute

Human Microbiome Institute 

Microbial artwork credit: Mehmet Berkmen, Ph.D. and Maria Peñil